Post-Press Operations


Allows joining multiple parts of the sheet of paper and cardboard, thus creating envelopes, packs, cartons… We have two automatic bonding machines to obtain high quality products at competitive prices.


This post-press operation allows making up books with stitched (paperback + thread) or glued in polyurethane, cutting-edge glue that ensures hold even without stitching.

Offset protective coating

It can be glossy or matte and adds protection to your printed item, isolating the ink on the paper with a very thin transparent surface, at a very convenient cost.

Folding and Cutting

Post-press operation that allows finishing the requested item.


This process gives shape to the printed material, useful for the functionality, creativity and impact of the final product.


Stitching with staples, mainly used for brochures, block notes, receipts, office forms.


Application of a plastic film over the printout that protects the print from the elements and friction.
Particularly suitable to protect covers and packaging.

Manual packing

Our staff includes many experts in manual processing for achieving what is sometimes defined as impossible. For this reason, we have been recognised nationally as an Artistic and Craft Print Shop.

Automatic packing

Our machines allow creating the packing in an automated manner, so as to obtain the exact number and controlled quality of the product in accordance with the certifications.