Magazines and illustrated books

Printing of magazines and illustrated books

From hand-bound medieval manuscripts to the books that today’s technology offers, from Guttenberg onwards, the book industry has undergone considerable evolution. Flanked by the new development of e-books and threatened by photocopiers that can produce maximum results in terms of colour, today’s book market must provide something extra, and printing companies play a crucial role in this regard. The tactile experience of paper and the cover are unique elements of a book. The reader has become more attentive to the pursuit of elegance and precision, as long as it does not come at excessively high costs. We at the “La Zecca” printing company are able to offer all this, thanks to our facility, our machines and our experience in the printing industry. The expectations of this market must be satisfied in order to avoid desertions to other formats of little value. For this reason, the choice of paper and type of binding is followed meticulously by our printing experts. And when machines can’t do the job, then classic manual skills come into play. It is better to impress before giving up!

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